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2017-06-20 ZCL Auction Draft2017-06-14 ZCL Season 3 Schedule 2017-06-07 ZCL Season 3 2014-04-07 MILKBOWL CHAMPIONSHIP2014-03-24 FINALS WEEK
Latest matches
Season 3
Sign ups: NO
Transfers: off
Players limit: 150
User's teams: YES (limit: 4)
ZCL Auction Draft 2017-06-20 05:11, flag Alpha_
For this season's draft, we will bandwagon oda/zan, an Auction Draft. Here is how it goes down:

1. There will be 3 rounds; Snake Draft Order; with a currency of $30 per captain.

2. In each round, the captains (picked-assigned randomly) can start a bid on any player.

3. All other captains can also bid on that player until they are 'sold' to the captain with the highest bid.

4. Captains with no remaining currency can no longer bid on a player nor pick a player to start the bidding.

So bid smartly, and may the best out bidder win.
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ZCL Season 3 Schedule 2017-06-14 01:26, flag Alpha_

Week 1 - Mercurial - RAGECTF10

Week 2 - Obsidian Outpost - CORE09

Week 3 - Towering Gardens - CORE24

Week 4 - Infection - RAGECTF21

Week 5 - Mountain Zero - THIRTY4-31

Playoff Semi-Finals
4th Seed vs 1st Seed
3rd Seed vs 2nd Seed

1/4 Seed vs 2/3 Seed
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ZCL Season 3 2017-06-07 01:20, flag Alpha_
Welcome back from a huge break of the league, we will like to announce the return of the league, and hope for a fun competitive season.

If you haven't signed up on the forums, signing up here qualifies you as well.

Map pool is set to announced in the coming days.

Registration started on June 3rd, 2017 and will close on June 18th, 2017. The following day the draft list and caps will be announced and hopefully the draft itself.

The Schedule will be posted as well when captains and maps are set to stone.

More info to come..

Sign up now!

- Admins
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MILKBOWL CHAMPIONSHIP 2014-04-07 08:25, flag Alpha_
Ladies and gentlemen we can now conclude season 2 of the ZCL.

The grand champions of Season 2 of ZCL are [MS] - Multiple scoregasms.

Behind their trail the runner-ups [FOF] - Frags over Flags

And coming in at third place [WW3] - Walter White's Trio


Congrats on the top three teams of making it far!!

Thank you everyone who participated in this league!

Click here to download ALL of ZCL Season 2 demos and screenshots!

ZCL Season 2 Winter 2014 Board Members:


This concludes season 2 of the ZCL. We'll see you the next time(?) in season 3(?)

Keep on fragging doomers ! 8)

-All of the ZCL Board members
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FINALS WEEK 2014-03-24 05:56, flag Alpha_
Congratulations to [MS] and [FoF] on winning their playoff matches and gaining the seats to the Finals.
The Finals of the ZCL will kick off Monday, March 24 and will conclude Sunday, March 30.

All Team Captains are to TURN IN teams avails. by March 24 to the ZCL admins (not doing so will result in a strike):
Alpha_, Blesstoise, Madgunner or Turtles

Any predictions? Leave a comment down below!

Finals/3rd Place match - Map49 - Something Epic II - zdmegactf-1h_rc3.wad (Original: ODACTF1.wad)

Good luck to MS and GPS!!
And good luck to WW3 and GPS if "Third Place" match happens!

Playoffs Click Here!

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