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Season 3
Sign ups: NO
Transfers: off
Players limit: 150
User's teams: YES (limit: 4)
ZDaemon CTF League Schedule

It's official, the schedule for the ZDaemon CTF League and the map order is ready!

Map order

Week1: ZDECTF map01 (Cold Sweats)
Week2: VELOCTF map31 (Charon Orbit)
Week3: ZDECTF map19 (Toxic Refineries)
Week4: ZDUCTF map30 (Redemption)
Week5: VEOLCTF map03 (And Hell Captured)
Playoffs: ZDUCTF map08 (Brickrun) ***

*** Brickrun has been thrown out! Vote for the replacement now!

The schedule can be viewed by simply clicking on the schedule tab under the main menu. Rounds correspond to weeks, so if you play a certain team for round IV, that means you'll be facing off against them in week 4. Simple right?

If you have not read the rules yet, at least read the tl;dr version here .

If you have any questions or need help getting in contact with another team or player, be sure to let one of the league administrators know so we can assist you. Good luck to all players and teams!

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