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Team replacement

A quick announcement so that everyone knows what's going on; ok it may be a little late to do this kind of replacement when we could have done way before but the lack of presence of the team AWS slowed us and caused a big problem for the whole league, which is why I felt it necessary to replace its inactive members with a new captain/players (from the free agency) who could fill in without their Irl stuffs and schedule make obstacle.

*Darcy is the new captain.
*Ch0wW and Mysyk are the news players.
*The team name is "Super Shotgun Team [SST]"
*This is not counted as a trade, but a replacement because it is an emergency case.
*Gyrossman, Mortalogy and Vody were transferred to the free agency; but were highlighted as inactive.

Hope to quickly catch up the delay with them! Thank you guys & GL.

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