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Season 3
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Players limit: 150
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It's finally here! The day we have all been waiting for, a big match up coming up next week!
All the teams suffered out in the battlefield, they put out their best but only two made it to the top, everyone congratulate MS & OvS ! !!
These two teams will be facing off in the finals, fighting it out for one spot, the first place! The best!
Who will win? Who will cry? Who will scream the most on teamspeak? Who will massage their grandmas toes? So many questions, so little time.. But we'll find out all these answers next week! Stay tuned!

Also, congratulations to KFC & TDT for making it to the playoffs. These two teams will also be facing off next week for the third place. Come find out who will take that spot next week!

Cast your predictions now!

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