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Latest matches
Season 3
Sign ups: NO
Transfers: off
Players limit: 150
User's teams: YES (limit: 4)
Week 1 - Mountain Zero - Map01

Week 1 of the ZCL will kick off Monday, Feb.10 and will conclude Sunday, Feb. 16.

All Team Captains are to TURN IN teams avails. by Feb.10 to the ZCL admins (not doing so will result in a strike):
Alpha_, Blesstoise, Madgunner or Turtles

Any predictions? Leave a comment down below!

Week 1 - Map31 - Mountain Zero - zdmegactf-1h_rc3.wad (Original: 32in24-4.wad)

Good luck to all teams!

Schedule Click Here!


2014-02-15 22:05  
I'm really impressed with FOF. Wish I could have been here to see those games Vs. WW3... Congrats guys. Well played
2014-02-12 01:29  
@Cataclysm: don't go MrModest, we all know you assure on defeating MS this first round. emo
2014-02-10 08:37  
[FoF]? against [WW3]?

Reaver is a solid player. I know where I'd place each of their players on the map; 31, but we'll see what their configuration yields. WW3 has a few older players.... Reck ought to be able to maintain decent defense, as map 31 offers a wide variety of methods for which one could frag and keep an area clear from the opposition. Turtles might be mildly obnoxious in the beginning, but as the game wears on, he'll have to really rely on luck to maintain that mid control. I'm curious who their third player will be, as they'll need a strong runner to win that map.

[GPS]? against [NWA]?

Some of the old pubbers' are present on both teams.... emo. I feel Sonya has that runner potential, starrk ought to be able to maintain a moderate to strong defense. Stab seems to have gotten better over time, though it's been a long time since I was really active on ZD. GPS's runner will have to consider who they have as their mid in order to gain control of the middle of map 31.

[MS]? against [HD]?

Hmm, it'd be rather silly for me to profess any banter about my match. However, both teams have fairly solid fraggers on the defensive end.... it could be a real hit or miss depending on team coordination and communication.
2014-02-09 00:10  
[FoF] vs [WW3]
Can't comment on my own match. I think FoF has the potential to be one of the strongest frag teams. I've played with Reaver (now Dizzy) before and he's a solid player. Fluffy on mid will make this match interesting. FoF needs to practice more IMO, but there's still a whole week. Good luck to FoF, hoping for some games that make me sweat.

[GPS] vs [NWA]
The most interesting match of the week for sure!
Super offensive team VS offensive team with a solo defender. GPS has the two laggiest players in the league, but AVC is an underestimated runner who uses max speed to his advantage. If Starrk can hold his own and doesn't drop shots on perro, NWA might win this. If Starrk has trouble due to two offense and his mid/o and o player are tag teaming the other base, it will become a 'return the flag' match on the fraggiest competitive map ever conceived to get tons of play. Whoever is doing mid on NWA would be unwise to play against teams that put forth heavy defensive power... doing so I think would cost them the game because they'll be used to fraggers and instead will have ridiculous offensive pressure put on them. I don't know how alt-stab will fare in this, but if his defense isn't up to par, GPS might succumb.

[MS] vs [HD]
MS is in WW3's predicament of needing a dedicated runner. Abro plays mid, stalker can play offense, but I think stalker is better suited to mid since he doesn't frag enough as an offensive player -- especially on map31. If it was smartCTF I think stalker would do great, but that's not for a couple of weeks.
HD has visionmiedo who has shots dropped on him due to his internet. If cata uses wireless then MS is going to be sweating with tons of dropped shots. If cata pulls some magic out of his ass and Strike doesn't get warmed up, it could be anyone's game.
Edited: 2014-02-09 00:11
2014-02-08 23:55  
FoF 0-2 WW3
The duo (RecK, Turtles) seems more fraggy, but i don't know how VonDoom plays and same for Mantis. But the duo may play mainly on D, Mid.

As GPS got good attackers, NWA got good defendors. But GPS will have the advantage, so victory will be theirs.

MS 2-0 HD
Both teams are more fraggy. but if the match got played on BT or Dallas server, by-zero have high ping there. So MS will win by ping advantage.

This is my predictions. And good luck to all teams.
2014-02-08 23:13  
[FoF](0) vs [WW3](2)
-I think we will most likely see Reck as the main D for this match and have a full pressure against [FoF] by having Turtles as mid/o and VonDoom as the main O. As RecK is a pretty fraggy player we will most likely see WW3 always on FoF's territory.

[GPS] (2) vs [NWA] (1)
-This one will be a pretty even match. I think that due to GPS better O players will mean there will be more pressure against NWA. If NWA wants to walk away with the victory, Sonya will need to clear mid as much as possible and really help Starrk when needed, but focus alot on kmfaiyaz/doom777 aswell and give them the support they need if they're the ones running.

[MS] (?) vs [HD] (?)
-HD is deffinetely a heavy frag team. Hirius can frag pretty well but lacks perception and I think this will hurt HD if their defense can't keep track of the opponents attacker. Good luck HD!

2014-02-06 01:20  
Flags Over Frags vs Walter White's Trio
WW3 wins, FOF doesn't seem ready yet.

Giant Pea Shooters vs Niggaz With Attitude
GPS wins, avc + server lag = gg

Multiple Scoregasms vs Herped Derps
MS wins, seems more faggy-ier (more fraggy)
Edited: 2014-02-06 01:21
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