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Season 3
Sign ups: NO
Transfers: off
Players limit: 150
User's teams: YES (limit: 4)
Week 2 - Dead Silence - Map07

Week 2 of the ZCL will kick off Monday, Feb.17 and will conclude Sunday, Feb. 23.

All Team Captains are to TURN IN teams avails. by Feb.17 to the ZCL admins (not doing so will result in a strike):
Alpha_, Blesstoise, Madgunner or Turtles

Any predictions? Leave a comment down below!

Week 2 - Map08 - Dead Silence - zclmapcomps2.wad

Good luck to all ZCL teams!

Schedule Click Here!


2014-02-24 09:46  
was your fault chimila emo emo
2014-02-22 20:19  
It was sad to see that though all predictions were in favor to HD, VisionMiedo did not give a fuck about the game they were playing. Going AFK mid-game in a tourney match leaves much to be desired. Cata better get better communication within the team, derps.
2014-02-18 23:52  

Lets see what happens on this

HD Has visionmiedo and Hirius... but FOF got Dizzy
so i think HD will own on this one


NWA Start bad they need recover in this round... But MS Got a good team Its hard for NWA good luck both! emo
2014-02-18 16:54  
[GPS] vs [WW3]
I'm sort of fortunate I have to play the laggiest team on a huge map... it means any dropped shots I get will give me ample time to kill them. I've been practicing so I hope GPS is ready.

[HD](2) vs [FoF](1)
Both teams seem balanced, and I have no idea how the teams are going to handle this map. I think both teams can do it, but FoF will need to find their solid lineup to compete. If they do, FoF might win this -- but until then I think HD might barely pull it off.

[NWA](1) vs [MS](2)
Starrk will try very hard to win, but I don't know if Kmfaiyaz will step up his game. This most likely will lead to MS powerhousing their way to victory since NWA might have a weak third.

This map will require lots of practice.
2014-02-18 03:03  
Giant Pea Shooters vs Walter White's Trio
WW3 wins
Herped Derps vs Flags Over Frags
HD wins
Niggaz With Attitude vs Multiple Scoregasms
MS wins
Good luck, make me regret my decisions.
2014-02-17 16:32  
With the shocking results from last weeks games I can honestly say that this trully is anyone's game.
With what we all thought as MS and WW3 being the powerhouses for this season and seeing them ALMOST loose their Week 1 games, well, anything is possible and this is showing true dedication from all teams. This is good. Now over to my predictions.

[GPS](2) vs [WW3](1)
-WW3 gets the worst map to play GPS in. Having this map being widespread and with multiple exits I feel that Reck/Turtles will get surprised by PerroNDoN and AvC's running. They're the perfect combo for this map. Now, if RecK and Turtles both play a very defensive game, then GPS could be screwed.

[HD](2) vs [FoF](0)
-From the outstanding perfomance from both of these teams last week it is hard to see which one will win this match. Honestly though, I'm kind of of betting it all on HD due to their ghost runner VisioNMieDo. Dizzy, I wish you the best of luck.

[NWA](?) vs [MS](?)
-NWA needs to step-up their game. Last week's perfomance was poor from them. Although, I'll admit, they did pull some pretty insane stunts when needed (Kmfaiyaz fragging PerroNDoN right before he scored and being able to save the flag).
If they set down and practice this map like they should then they will surely give the challenge they can.

Good luck all teams!
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