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Season 3
Sign ups: NO
Transfers: off
Players limit: 150
User's teams: YES (limit: 4)
Week 1 - Mountain Zero - Map01 2014-02-03 04:26, flag blesstoise
Week 1 of the ZCL will kick off Monday, Feb.10 and will conclude Sunday, Feb. 16.

All Team Captains are to TURN IN teams avails. by Feb.10 to the ZCL admins (not doing so will result in a strike):
Alpha_, Blesstoise, Madgunner or Turtles

Any predictions? Leave a comment down below!

Week 1 - Map31 - Mountain Zero - zdmegactf-1h_rc3.wad (Original: 32in24-4.wad)

Good luck to all teams!

Schedule Click Here!

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ZCL Season 2 Draft Roster/Team 2014-01-27 09:33, flag Alpha_
The ZCL Season 2 Draft will be happening on Feb. 1st @ 8PM EST

All Team Captains are now responsible for deciding their franchised player and team name/tag. Please submit info to the ZCL board admins.

1/30/14 Update: Draft pick order posted.
1/31/14 Update: Draft date changed.

Alt_Stab, Bless, Cataclysm, Sonya, Madgunner, Turtles

Draft Pick Order:
1. Sonya
2. Cataclysm
3. Bless
4. Madgunner
5. Alt_Stab
6. Turtles

Draft Picks (Teams):
[NWA] - Niggaz With Attitude
1. Sonya
$- Starrk
a- Kmfaiyaz
b- Intoxicate (switched from Doom777)

[HD] - Herped Derps
2. Alpha (Subbing for Cataclysm)
$- Torment (Switched from Visionmeido)
a- Hirius
b- by-Zero

[MS] - Multiple Scoregasms
3. Bless
$- Torment (Switched from Strike)
a- Abrogator
b- ShadowStalker

[FOF] - Flags over Frags
4. Madgunner
$- Dizzy
a- Impol (Switched from Fluffy)
b- Riptor

[GPS] - Giant Pea Shooters
5. Alt_Stab
$- Avc
a- PerroNDoN
b- Asgar

[WW3] - Walter White's Trio
6. Turtles
$- RecK
a- VonDoom_McDoom
b- Mantis-X

$- Franchised Player
a- First pick
b- Second pick
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ZCL Season 2 Sign Ups 2014-01-10 03:55, flag Alpha_

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to another season of ZDaemon CTF League (ZCL)
We're proud to announce this season's signups to begin today. At the moment, we're experiencing technical difficulties upon the sign up process. But that doesn't mean you can't sign up either!
All you have to do is to leave a comment below on this thread saying that you're signing up for the season and you're done!
If you're interested in being a Loyal captain this season, please, either on your post or on a PM, tell us that you're interested in being a captain. But keep in mind, the board will review your history as a doom player, mostly on being a responsible and experienced player, in order to fulfill Captaincy. Good luck to all, keep on fragging! Milkbowl is ready.



1.Alt_Stab 2.Bless 3.Cataclysm 4. Sonya 5.Madgunner 6.Turtles

Drafting List:
- Abrogator
- Alpha
+ Alt_Stab
- Arcane (Nightmare)
* Asgar
+ Blesstoise
- by-Zero
+ Cataclysm
- Chimila (Available as replacement)
- Dizzy (Reaver)
- Doom777
- Fluffy
- Hirius
- Impol
- Intoxicate
- Kmfaiyaz (WahK1nG)
* Madgunner
- Mantis-X
- Nastaran (Avc)
- PerroNDoN
- Reck
- Riptor
- ShadowStalker
+ Sonya
- Starrk
- Strike
+ Turtles
- Vaquero
* Visionmiedo
- VonDoom_McDoom

+ - Official Captain
* - Possible Captain
Player Count: 30
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ZCL Season 2 MAPPING CONTEST 2013-08-05 23:32, flag blesstoise
Now that the season 1 one of ZCL is over I'd like to announce something
interesting for all you doomers out there and specially those of you who love to map!

We are hosting a CTF Map Contest where the
best two maps will be used and played in the next season of ZCL

*Everyone is allowed to enter up to 3 CTF maps of their own.
*The map must consist of only a blue and red side.
*Maps must be symmetrical
*Only textures from zdmegactf-1g.wad are allowed! Download the wad
*Map must be original and YOURS
*Maps must work PERFECTLY on zdaemon 1.09
*Deadline: there isn't a deadline set yet but don't procastinate!
As the next season might be just around the corner.
*Own music is allowed but will be rejected if takes too much space.

If you have any other questions, contact either me or Madgunner on the zdaemon irc #ZCL.

I am also on #IDL as "LSan23"

Post your entries here:

Have fun and good luck!
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End of ZCL Season 1 2013-08-02 08:35, flag Alpha_
ZCL Season 1 Finished!

First Place:
Congratulations to OvS on winning the first season of ZCL and becoming supreme champions on their flawless victories.
Fair play to MS on becoming runner ups for the first season of ZCL. Better luck on the next season guys. All in all, you guys are still winners for making it far.
Congratulations KFC and TDT !

Not much I can say about the Euro division. I guess time isn't free anymore. Oh well. I'll still like to thank all of those who played their games, but I'm sorry we couldn't go far with you guys. Maybe in season 2 there'll be a Euro champion team.

This concludes Season 1 of ZCL
Congrats again OvS.

Stay Tuned for some news!!
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