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Season 3
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Playoff map vote! 2013-07-03 06:56, flag Madgunner
We have heard your distress and being the friendly league dictators that we are, we have decided to throw out Brickrun for the playoff map. You now 48 hours to vote for the replacement. The choices are the following:

Data Core Delta - corectf1 (zdmegactf map06)
Something Epic - zdctfmp (zdmegactf map08)
Buntaluffigus - 32in24-4 (zdmegactf map17)
The Old Castle - zdctfmp2 (zdmegactf map18)
Lazarus Revisited - smartctf (zdmegactf map32)
Untitled - idlcontest1b (zdmega map46)

Polls close at 12:00 AM EST Friday, July 5th!

(You must be logged in to vote!)
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Week 4 2013-06-27 10:45, flag Madgunner
It's week 4. This week we'll be playing ZDUCTF map30 (Redemption)

The schedule is the following:

American Division

[MS] vs [WS]
[OvS] vs [KFC]
[DsyR] vs TDT

European Division

~USA~ vs |uG|
[AwS] vs [ITN]
RasA vs [SuG]

Good luck to all teams!
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Week 3 2013-06-20 09:49, flag Madgunner
Week 3 is here. This week we're playing ZDECTF map19 (Toxic Refineries)

And if you haven't looked at the schedule here's what teams are playing:

American Division

[KFC] vs [WS]
[MS] vs [DsyR]
TDT vs [OvS]

European Division

[ITN] vs ~USA~
[AwS] vs RasA
[SuG] vs |uG|

Good luck to all teams and don't forget to practice!
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Week 2 begins 2013-06-12 00:28, flag Madgunner
It is official. Week 2 has begun. This week we will play VELOCTF map31 (Charon Orbit). The following games are scheduled to take place this week:

American Division

[DsyR] vs [WS]
[KFC] vs TDT
[OvS] vs [MS]

European Division

[ITN] vs |uG|
~USA~ vs RasA
[SuG] vs [AwS]

Availabilities for all teams will be posted later tonight.


I would also like to take this time to remind captains that when a game is scheduled, it must take place within ten minutes of the time scheduled. It is unacceptable to start games 30-40 minutes late. As such, the board has decided to ratify a new rule; any team that is not ready within 30 minutes of a game time will receive an automatic penalty, regardless if the other team is willing to wait longer. This penalty will also be assessed if a team has to reschedule due to unpreparedness. Please captains, play your games on time and have your fourth reserve ready in case another player is unable to make it.
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Saturday Night Priv 2013-06-01 00:28, flag Madgunner
Come join us this Saturday at 10PM EST as we begin our first session, of what we hope will become a weekly tradition, Saturday Night Priv! Come meet other advanced Doomers, show off your mad CTF skills, and play CTF the way it was meant to be played! Think your skill is enough? Come join us and find out!

We will begin at 10pm EST in Dwango United New Jersey - Priv #01.

Hope to see you there!


In other news, we are still waiting on availabilities from Demonsphere [TDT], Savior [DsyR], and Unatural [WS]. Remember the deadline for availabilities is Monday June the 3rd, don't risk getting penalized!
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