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Season 3
Sign ups: NO
Transfers: off
Players limit: 150
User's teams: YES (limit: 4)
Franchise open! 2013-05-18 07:49, flag removed
Hello everyone,

As the America signups are now closed, all the captains from this side are invited to franchise their player and name their teams if that's not been done yet.

UPDATE #1 - America draft closed.

UPDATE #2 - USA and EURO Signups closed !!
Euro' franchises will be revealed soon.

--- America ---

[TDT] The DreamTeam >>
DS - Ourhero - CoyoteStarrk - Kmfaiyaz

[OVS] Overated Scumwads >>
Reck - Turtles - Acolyte - Sasori

[KFC] Kentucky Friend Chicken >>
PerroNDoN - Necro_Kid - Strike - Hirius

[DsyR] Desire >>
Savior - Sonya - Godlike - Alpha

[MS] Multiple Scoregasms >>
Bless - Tai-R - Torment - ShadowStalker

[WS] Wick Sick >>
Unatural - Oath - Kyte - Cheez-It

--- Europe ---

[AwS] Angels with Shotguns >>
Gyrossman - Mortalogy - JCD - Vody

|uG| Ultimate Grinders >>
Turska - Nosturi - Patukka - ModeneseAdriano

[ITN] Impressive Team Name >>
Dewww - Funebrak - Dopefish - Jebote

[USA] Ultimate Shooting Attack >>
Nub_hat - Tobi - Oxyde - TheCirtusKiwi

>SuG< Soulless Gibbing >>
Mania5 - Xaver - Devisin - Bulb

[RasA] Run As Administrator >>
Noosphère - Evolution - Bazooka - FishSeller
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Signups ending tonight at 10PM 2013-05-15 17:05, flag Alpha_
Hello everyone,

I am notifying everyone that the signups are closing Today at 10PM (GMT-4). I will also like to inform that the USA division is literally full and ready to start. On the other hand, Euro division is also filling up, but I still feel there are some euros out there that would like to participate in this league, and hopefully they will signup.

Thank you everyone for waiting and I am pleased to say that the draft will begin by next week, or even sooner/later.


USA signups are now closed.

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ZCL2013 trailer! 2013-05-14 02:00, flag removed
Hello everyone,

Today, I'm proud to present to you the official trailer for ZDaemon CTF League 2013. Thanks must go [BaseQ]Ch0wW for making this awesome trailer and for helping us out with streaming and servers. Hope you enjoy and share it with all of your friends!

ZCL 2013 Summer Trailer

ZCL Admins
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Map Pool And Servers 2013-05-09 05:32, flag removed
Hello everyone,

I'm glad to annonce you the map pool and the servers !

However, the maps list was already revealed in the Overview post, but being harder to find it out because of the post size, I owe you this thread.


And here's the list of our official servers :

#1 Dwango United - >> ZCL Test Server <<

#2 [L@P] Zdaemon CTF League

This list is not definitive yet.
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No Clan Tags Please! 2013-05-09 01:38, flag removed
Hello everyone,

When signing up for a ZCL account, please do not put your clan tag in the username. Certain characters such as [ and ) do not work well with the software we're using. If you already have created an account that has a clan tag, you may be required to make a new one.

- Thanks, ZCL Admins
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